Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photos Corner

I am working for this project now(photos from EPAL Kuantan).. mine baru siap potong kain...
bunga ... from Freebies blogspot
2 piece for Aisyah..
A for Aisyah.. and love !
Full view
1st project from Felt
hair clip for Aisyah n Hana
My Beg - Pacthwork Bunga Api
Tote bag for Bday Lieya
another view
Clutch beg for mummy
Square Tote for bday Cujie

another back view

1st langsir yg dijahit.. simple jek but meaningsfull
time bored jahit bunga Yo-yo
bunga Yo-Yo close-up view
dress for aisyah
full view
Beg pacthwork bunga Cornus
my Label
My long purse
my mini tote bag
full view of mini tote bag

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